Arab suns art forum No. 1 since 12 to 18 February 2021 ملتقى الشموس العربيه رقم 1

Arab suns art forum No. 1 since 12 to 18 February 2021 ملتقى الشموس العربيه رقم 1
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Arab suns art forum No. 1 ملتقى الشموس العربيه رقم 1 من 12 الى 18 فبراير 2021

Arab suns art forum No. 1 (12-18 February 2021) in Cairo, by the plastic artist/ Lamiaa Badran, (Teacher of computer sciences), the president and Dr. Mostafa Sadek (honorary doctorate degree from Egypt & England) the vice president of the forum.

The art forum opened in AlHuseini cultural foundation , with the presence of Mr Khedr Mostafa , the president of plate for every district , and with the present of Professor Dr. Samir Fitouri from Tunisia, and the presence of many art professors in the Egyptian art colleges , Dr. Amal Abu Zeid, dean the faculty of arts Ilmeina , Professor Dr. Abir Abdel Kader, Ain Shams University, and Mrs. Amani Mohamed Hasan, the general art director, Professor Dr. Hend Saad , the international artist the famous Mr/ Adel Benjamin, the special plastic artist Mr. Ibrahim Mohamed , and the poetry Mr.Gharib Shaarawi, Mr, Mostafa AlDawakhli, Professor Dr. Hazem AlSaeedi, professor of art critic and writer from Iraq, special artist/ Wesam AlRabee ; Kalkamesh president from Iraq, and Mr Artist / Mostafa AlNaggar from Syria.

There were many contributors of art collections from Egypt, Tunisia, Iraq, USA and Bulgaria and other countries.

We dedicate this art forum to the late artist/ Eman badran, chief teacher, with her arabic writing.

There are many art kinds in the form, as decoupage of Dr. artist Gehan Salama, Artist. Dina Ahmed Akl, and leather manufacturing with special quality by Dr. artist. Rehab Khalil, and very special arts from different plastic artist schools, Hesham Mostafa, Husam AlDin Mahmoud, and the American artist . Neli Tzintzeva , Bulgarian artist. Dora Nicova,

ِAbstract art by Ghada Shalaby, Mostafa AlDawakhli by the paint: Tomato seller, and Dr. Mostafa Sadek the forum vice president by his famous paint “The Victory” for October War Victory 1973.

and many artist: Dina Ahmed, Hanan Mahran, Rinad Ayman badran, Ola Ibrahim, Manal Ahmed Mohamed ,Manal Aboul Hasan, Menat Allah Helmi, Naglaa AlSenari.

as well as arabic letters writing by Mrs. Lamiaa Badran the forum president. and from Mr. Mostafa AlNaggar

The distinguished guests of honor participating in the forum were honored with the golden trophy award for Dr. Mostafa Sadek for global art award, as well as the trophy award for Dr. Sadek for the distinguished artwork and participation in the forum. It should be noted that this trophy was designed and directed by Dr. Mostafa Sadek which is distinguished by the diamond crystal symbol of Dr. Sadek, famous for his story known as “The magic diamond” and Steeling of the magic diamond story.

The trophy of Dr. Sadek was executed and manufactured by the hands of the brilliant artist / Ibrahim Mohamed

The general arrangement of this wonderful art forum was by Mr Moataz Adel Mohamed.

The propaganda arrangement by the journalist Mr. Hayam AlTohami, in AlDiyar news paper

The forum announcer was the plastic artist / Manal Ahmed Mohamed

Artists contributors in Arab suns art forum No. 1

Mr Gharib poem, Khedr Mostafa, Adel Benjamin, Manal Ahmed, Lamiaa Badran

Lamiaa Badran, Khedr Mostafa, Abdel Kader AlHuseini, Adel Benjamin, Ghada Shalaby

Adel Benjamin, Manal Ahmed Mohamed , Trophy of Dr. Mostafa Sadek global art award

The victory paint of Dr. Mostafa Sadek , Lamiaa Badran, Abdel Kader AlHuseini

Trophies in Arab art suns No. 1

Lamiaa Badran, Khedr Mostafa, Adel Benjamin, Abdel Kader AlHuseini

Trophy distribution to artists in arab suns forum

Dr. Rehab Khalil with art certificates from arab suns forum

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