Dr. Mostafa Sadek (Mostafa Eager Heart)

Dr. Mostafa Sadek      (Mostafa Eager Heart)
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Artist Dr. Mostafa Sadek, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine, holds a doctorate, medical analysis consultant, Diploma in Fine Arts and got a Medal of Excellence and Artistic Creativity from the Egypt Academy for Training and Development E.A.F.T.A.D.

He loves drawing, music, writing stories, poetry, tennis, squash, swimming, diving and motorbikes. He has many musical compositions and stories in Arabic and other languages (English, French, Italian and Spanish) . Among his most famous paintings is Cupid 200 * 140 The heart of each of us is 90 * 90 cm, and the magic diamond that he used as his symbol.

The “Cupid World” and “The Heart of Each of Us” painting was deposited in the Gayer Anderson Museum in ElSayeda Zeinab, Cairo – affiliated to the museums sector – the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities among the valuable paintings and contents of the museum of the Ministry of Antiquities.

Dr. Mostafa when he catches his painting bruch and his colors and draws, he lives inside his painting with all his feelings and feelings that often revolve around love and delicate feelings, which gave him the nickname Mostafa Eager Heart attributed to his song the winds of the eager heart, the tragic version and the happy version, and he always takes his imagination and his delicate feeling to compose music to accompany it A special story about her such as “Music for Diamonds and the Magic Diamond Story”, “Symphony of Secrets and the Story of a Mummy Mystery”, “The Story of Isis, Osiris, and Symphony of the Moon” “Symphony of Life and the Tablet of Life”, “Samba Music and Samba paint” and, and always fills his official website And on social media, with his paintings, stories, symphonies, and various music, between symphony, romantic, eastern and western, hard rock, and also with his wonderful fairy tales.

1) Name         :     MOSTAFA MAHMOUD MOHAMED SADEK ( Mostafa Sadek )

2) Skills in Arts          :        Painter, Music Composition, singing, Story writer & poem

3) Sex & marital status : male, married

4) Birth date               :           20/9/1962

5) Nationality             :           Egyptian ( Alexandria )

7) Email                      : ms@mostafa-sadek.com   &  sadeklab@yahoo.com

9) Job : Laboratory Director and medical Director of Albaraka Medical Polyclinic, Unaizah, Saudi Arabia

10) Telephone: Mobile Saudi Arabia: 00966508470898 &

                                             Egypt : 00201015100880

11) Scientific Certificates :

1- Medicine and Surgery, Alexandria Faculty of Medicine , Alexandria, Egypt

2- Diploma in Public Health ( Microbiology ) Alexandria University

3- Master Degree in Medical Microbiology, Military Medical Academy, Cairo, Egypt

4- Doctor Degree in Medical Microbiology, Military Medical Academy, Cairo, Egypt

5- Master Degree in Business Administration, Cyprus, CE.

6- Clinical Laboratory Consultant  in Egypt and USA

7- Diploma in Fine Arts

8- Medal of Excellence and Artistic Creativity from the Egypt Academy for Training and Development E.A.F.T.A.D.

11) Acknowledgement: I am an Egyptian doctor, Microbiology Consultant , born in Alexandria, Egypt , Painter, Aurthor , Music composer & Story and poem writer .. I have many books in Arts & Medicine as well.

I have many composed some Symphonies , Musics & Songs and many wonderful Abstract Art Paints . My common name is Mostafa Eager Heart after my song Winds of Eager Heart (The tragedy and the happy versions) , I shared in Arabs Got Talent

  • Painter


  1. Cupid world : painting was deposited in the Gayer Anderson Museum in ElSayeda Zeinab, Cairo – affiliated to the museums sector – the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
  2. Heart of All of Us: painting was deposited in the Gayer Anderson Museum in ElSayeda Zeinab, Cairo – affiliated to the museums sector – the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
  3. The Pianist
  4. Life
  5. Hard Rock
  6. People Family  
  7. Samba
  8. The Black Lights
  9. Sweet Home
  10. Thutmus III
  11. The Four Seasons
  12. Key of the secrets
  13. Flamingo  
  14. Kaaba
  15. Internal Chains
  16. Life Chances Bubbles
  17. Horus
  18. Love wins
  19. The Other View
  20. Ocean Secrets
  21. Flamingo
  22. The Silent Scream
  23. Wild Beauty
  24. Volcano,
  25. Honey Moon
  26. Memories
  27. Galaxy
  28. Universe
  29. Baby doctor
  30. Nature
  31. Mustang
  32. The Golden Dream
  33. Rain of gold
  34. The Magic Diamond
  35. Feelings
  36. Something Good
  37. Romeo et Juliette
  38. Freedom
  39. And some sculptures: The Apple Tree, Chess, Bird of Heaven flower, The Happy Family

International Activities :

Owner and admin of Facebook Group of Arts Stories Musics of Mostafa Sadek:


My Facebook Gallery


Official page :

  • Music composition

Musics : https://www.youtube.com/user/sadeklab/featured

  1. The Moon Symphony
  2. Symphony of the secrets
  3. Sea Wave Symphony
  4. Life Symphony
  5. Family Symphony
  6. Tulip Tears
  7. For A Diamond
  8. I am for free
  9. Laila
  10.  Mermaid guitar
  11. Samba life
  12. Tango night
  13. Midnight Jazz
  14. Underwater dates
  15. Darker nights
  16. Be mine or you will be mine
  17. Dance on my pulse
  18. Sunrise
  19. Dreams music
  20. Happy day
  21. Charming Eyes
  22. Turn me on
  • (The Moon Symphony , Sea Waves Symphony , Symphony of the secrets, Samba, Tango Night , Dance on my pulse , Charming Eyes , I am for free , and many other Arabic songs and English songs )
  • Song writer , Story editor
  • Playing Keyboard & Piano & Drums
  • Singer
  • Video Editing and production
  • Camera and photography and video making (with sound or music)
  • Computer & using Mixpad & all music editing programs & sound editor.. and video mixing
  • High proficiency in Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop
  • High proficiency in Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Author : Stories, Poem  & Films

My books are published in Amazon, Google play, Lulu publisher and others:


A) Arabic Language Books:

ايزيس واوزوريس ، اسرار مومياء ،الماسه السحريه ، حرب العيون ،  الوسادة المشحونه ، اين ذهبت النقود ، عودة مومياء ، الغابه السوداء ، صندوق العجوة ،سلسله قصص كود الحب ، مملكه بلوتو ، الجيل الجديد ، عودة مومياء ، الغابه السوداء ، البدايه الجديدة ، بروتوكول العمل بالمختبرات الطبيه

B) English language Books:

  1. Isis and Ozoris
  2. Mummy Secrets
  3. The Eye War
  4. Wars and Eyes
  5. The Magic Diamond
  6. The Charged Pillo
  7. Where is the Money
  8. The Black Forest
  9. Dates box
  10. Love Code (series)
  11. Pluto Kingdom
  12. Laboratory Procedures
  13. The New Generation Story
  14. The Mummy Return
  15. The Black Forest
  16. Pluto Kingdom (series)
  17. The New Beginning.
  18. The Baby Doctor

C) French Language Books:

  1. Le Diamant Magique
  2. Isis et Ozoris


D) Italian Language Books :

  1. Regina egiziana Isis e re Ozoris

Official pages:


11)Hobbies :   

  • Swimming  
  • Diving    
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Motorcycles and bikes
  •  Chess
  • Dancing
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Story writing
  • Poem

11) You Tube Channel : Mostafa Sadek


12) My web Page on Facebook: Arts Stories Music of Mostafa Sadek :


13) my arts group on Facebook : Arts Stories Music of Mostafa Sadek:


14) Art jobs and experiences :

  • Posting my arts, stories , music on my web page and on you tube and on my arts group & my Official Page
  • shared some films and serials in Egypt (acting  work)
  • Joined  Arabs Got talent 5th season 2016- 2017
  • Shared my work in Egyptian International Art Exhibition 3 – 10 September 2020 ( Cairo ) .
  • Shared my work in Lamasat Gallery Exhibition , Cairo, 3-10 September 2020.

                 Thank you,

Dr. Mostafa Sadek;




Mobile: 00966508470898


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