Betty Toufar , the wonderful Argentinian artist

Betty Toufar , the wonderful Argentinian artist
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Until the year 2000 I lived in a tourist city, and I made several exhibitions, that I cannot find the totos In 2002, I exhibited at the Legislative Palace of the City of Córdoa, Argentina. The Exhibition was called: “Open the gate and pass” and there I showed the gauchos and horses that I painted. Then, I traveled to Buenos Aires, because I was invited by the Consulate of the Czech Republic (my father’s nationality), to represent them in a show called “Mixtures, art, collectivities and their artists.” My country is made up of descendants of European immigrants, who arrived after the great wars … and as it is a country that does not discriminate against races, beliefs, skin color … (all are equal before the law), and receives immigrants from the world, and they can live in Argentina as if they were born here, in that Exhibition there were representatives from all countries. The Show was held at the Recoleta Cultural Center. The most important place to make samples in Argentina. I even exhibited at the Cultural Center for Women, where I exhibited 14 paintings of human figures. Then I share photos of other exhibitions, in different Galarías.

Betty Toufar has corporated with Dr. Mostafa Sadek to produce many videos including Betty’s paints and Mostafa’s musics , posted in YouTube such as Laila , and Mermaid guitar

Laila by Mostafa Sadek and Betty Toufar ليلى مصطفى صادق وبيتى توفار

Mermaid Guitar by Mostafa Sadek (Music Egypt)& Betty Toufar (Paint Argentina)

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