Life الحياه

Life   الحياه
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Life , Oil on canvas, 77*77 cm, 2007 , SKU: OLL0507BGR

I invite you to have a look on my life; so, let us watch my life as I planned exactly as I did in my paint which I can see in my thoughts I expressed in my paint “ Life “ Oil on canvas; Life: Oil on canvas ; 77*77 cm ; SKU: OLL0507BGR . Every one of us suddenly come to life, without any intent to become to life, just we are born beyond our will, and we grow up also beyond our will , then we will pass away without our will too..

Life is an unpreventable event happen to us, and from the childhood to elderly while we may or may not think about ourselves or our lives and how to make our lives as we like, or at least want to improve ourselves, so, the beginning will be from our heart focus or icon which I painted in the middle of my paint, but of course as I am a doctor, I placed it just a little to the left side and in the upper third to simulates the place of a real heart inside our body.

Well, this is the well known thing in my paint, then branches go out from the heart to go here and there and branches and sub-branches in different ways and in everywhere , of course we face different events while we go through life roads, so, I made different ways with different shapes, different colors, different directions , to go no there and everywhere, till we are completely lost in our own life as well as it is very clear as what happen in my paint.

This is my imagination about life , or at least my imagination about my own life.

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