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THE PAST AND THE FUTURE , Acrylic on canvas, 120 *100*2 cm, 3/10/2020 ,  SKU AXLPF1020BYSG

I show in my paint the green traffic light showing all the brains going on and on , looking by their eyes to the front , to the future, with different speeds , and mode colors of their personalities , some are emotional painted with some red colors, and some with green coloration to be optimistic and some are intelligent with silver coloration, while some are more faster and more intelligent to be more gold to be the most brilliant brains just we can see them crossed already the whole paint and very golden colors and we just can see their backs because of their speed and going on fast in the life and towards the future thinking.

While some other brains decide to go back and change their direction with the U turn , while some other brains shown standing on the red crossing traffic lights on the right and on the left sides of my paint.

I show

On the other hand, there is one very prominent and isolated brain, his direction stands to the front, while his eyes keep looking to his past , watching himself as an animal in the past and suffering just as that donkey while the low-minded driver drives his donkey cart with a donkey and strikes and tortures the donkey, and the donkey suffers from dragging the carriage with a donkey with difficulty and both the suffering donkey and the mentioned mind looking back to his past painted with the same dull grey color , to show the them as similar feelings.

I drew the donkey and the brain that looks back and its painful past in a light gray and non-shining color to show their similarity and show the extent of misery and the gloom of their lives, so it stands in the middle of the road,  his body is physically directed forward like the rest of the brains that walk on the road ahead, but actually his thinking and thoughts all stand instead, it retreats back motionless, clinging to its painful past.

I also want to show another explanation, that the driver of the cart hits the donkey, which also indicates that even a simple-minded person appears as if he is urging the donkey to correct his eyes and look forward, and to walk in the right direction as forward and look to the future , with an indication that he wants to tell this dull mind to look forward as it should be and look to the future like the rest of the brains to continue his life as normal.

The past and the future
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