Dr Ismail Abo ElYazid AlRasoul , the poem writer

Dr Ismail Abo ElYazid AlRasoul , the poem writer
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The writer / Ismail Abo Elyazeid AlRasoul.
A graduate of Alexandria University .. Faculty of Medicine
He loves literature and writing books.
A simple person and a humble and humble personality ..
In his looks, hope and optimism.
In his words, gentle and original words.
He loves simple poetry and words like honey.
If someone asked him, he would answer with kind words ..
And he writes the words that we are thinking about … then a relief he makes a board for us to study
He has books and topics from his publications
From Zajal to poetry
His books include: My Wonder, Books About Love, Strong Disappointment, Slang Poetry, A Minute of Mourning, Yusef Al-Siddiq

He was influenced by the genius of Bayram AlTunisi, since childhood. And the genius Salah Jaheen after that, and the genius Ahmed Fouad Negm.
May God have mercy on them all , The Rubaiyat books were influenced by the Rubaiyat of the genius Salah Jaheen.
Dr. Ismail usually writes colloquially because it is closer to people.

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