Tad , the wonderful late Egyptian artist

Tad , the wonderful late Egyptian artist
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Tad is considered as a leader in the popular egyptian life style art , he magnifies the simple resident and his simple life . “Tad” is one of the symbols of the contemporary plastic art movement in Egypt, as he expressed with his brush the pulse of the Egyptian street and its problems on the covers of “Good morning” magazine and Rose Al-Youssef newspaper.

his name is Nagi Micheal Shanabo, Tad was born in 1946, but he was famous as Tad. He was working in an egyptian magazine, but

His wife, Mrs/ Gehanne Salama ,who loved him for more than 20 years she loved him from one side. She followed him at church parties. She sometimes sees him in the Heliopolis area where they live. She was the daughter of the great merchant whom the sermon flocked to, but she refused them. All are waiting for Faris of her dreams until Tad married her in the early 1990s.

After he was gone, she continued his love and remember him by making continuous exhibitions , now all of us can see the wonderful paints of his perfect seight and his point of view about Egypt and the egyptian life.

one of his best friends is the famous artist ; Adel Benjamin

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