Nayera Ali , Specialized in natural leather crafts

Nayera Ali , Specialized in natural leather crafts
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Nayera Ali BA in Quality Education, Department of Art Education, I studied at the university, photographing, designing, sculpting, printing, and artistic works in leather and tents. And printing, whether on cloth, stencil, or batik, and others. I fell in love with design and photography.
Since I love human development very much, that is why I am a certified trainer in the Arab Federation for Training and Human Resources Development. I have a diploma in a family educational advisor, but my love for art education exceeds my love for human development.
Dreams for the future.

I hope to be one of the most famous and distinguished designer in natural leather of all kinds, and that I aso dream to have my own exhibition of pictorial leather, whether it is pendants, bags, shoes, etc.

The new steps, God willing, more diversified work and the employment of leather raw materials for various uses
I look forward, God willing, to come back to design and print on clothes because it is also one of my favorite hobbies
Also, I am looking to paint more oil-color paintings such as landscapes.

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